We’ve previously discussed what steps you should take after you get in an accident, but what about what you should not do? There are a number of actions that you should avoid taking, especially if you may have been injured, as we discuss below.


Do Not Leave the Scene

It is very important that you never drive away from the scene, even if you think there hasn’t been any damage to the cars involved and everyone is fine. When you pull over, also make sure that you do not leave your car in an area where it might cause an accident while you gather information from the other driver.


Do Not Admit Fault

Be careful about any and all admissions or statements that you make, even seemingly innocuous ones, like “I’m sorry.” At an accident scene, even an apology can sometimes be interpreted as an admission of fault, and be used against you later on.


Do Not Fail to Call the Police and Report the Accident

Obtaining a police report is crucial in the event that you have to involve insurance companies and possibly file a lawsuit against the driver responsible for the accident. If you live in a jurisdiction where the police won’t come to the scene if no one is injured or there isn’t damage, make sure that you still report the accident and obtain a report, even if it is done over the phone as opposed to in-person.


Do Not Fail to Document & Exchange Information

Always make sure that you take pictures and notes and gather witness information. That includes gathering insurance and contact information for the other driver and passengers as well, as they are witnesses.


Do Not Skip the Doctor

Even if you think you haven’t been injured, get checked out by the doctor. There are a number of conditions that do not necessarily show up right away, such as whiplash and certain types of concussions. Even if you think you are fine, get checked out, just to make sure. Some of these injuries—ones that do not show up until it is too late—can lead to a lifetime of medical expenses and debilitation.


Do Not Talk to the Insurance Companies

The bottom line for any insurance company is minimizing any payout. That applies to the other driver’s insurance company, and yours as well. You want to make sure that you do not accept any settlement or agree to anything else with an insurance company before speaking with an attorney.


Do Not Fail to Speak with a Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney

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