Deciding to hire a personal injury lawyer after a car accident, instead of just signing to accept the settlement amount that the insurance company offers you, is an important step. 

How do you choose the right lawyer for your case, though, when there are so many lawyers in Rhode Island? Searching for “best car accident lawyers in Providence” only shows you which lawyers have the biggest web presence; it doesn’t show you which one is right for you. Hiring the best lawyer to handle your car accident case does not have a one size fits all solution. It is important to research a Rhode Island car accident lawyer and communicate with at least one of them before you make a decision.


Find Out About Your Lawyer’s Professional History

A good first step in choosing a law firm is seeing that they have listed “car accidents” as one of the practice areas on their website; the car accidents category might even be subdivided to include things like hit-and-run accidents or drunk driving accidents. When you meet with a lawyer for a consultation, ask them about their own previous cases. Ideally, the lawyer you choose will have handled cases that are very similar to yours. 

For example, does your lawyer take cases where the fault for the accident is not clear cut, for example? Does the lawyer gravitate toward cases where the issues and amounts are so straightforward that the defendants settle easily, or does the lawyer work on catastrophic injury cases that require a trial?


Bad News Is Good News

Beware of lawyers who give you false hope or make unrealistic promises. If a lawyer tells you that the chances are small that you will be able to get the driver who hit you to pay you compensation for your injuries, it might be disappointing to hear, but it is better than a lawyer who simply takes your money to litigate an unwinnable case.

A lawyer who tells you that your best choice is to accept the insurance settlement money is just being honest and realistic, especially if they explain their reasons for giving you this advice.


Red Flags During the Initial Consultation

It is almost impossible to choose the best lawyer just based on what you read about them. Meet the lawyer for a consultation before you choose. These are some red flags to look for during a consultation with a personal injury lawyer:

  • The lawyer frequently interrupts you and doesn’t let you finish a sentence.
  • The only people who meet with you are paralegals, as the lawyers don’t meet with people personally unless the clients have already paid vast sums.
  • The lawyer seems uninterested or distracted, frequently checking his or her phone.
  • The lawyer gives you vague or difficult to understand answers, especially about the law.
  • The lawyer doesn’t listen to your answers or give you an opportunity to ask questions and seems to have a cookie-cutter approach to your case


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