Trucking accidents are complex legal matters with numerous possible liable parties, and governing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) laws. Catastrophic injuries and fatalities are more common in accidents involving large commercial vehicles than in passenger cars because of the sheer size of the commercial vehicles and the damages they cause. In Rhode Island, I-95 is the main north-south Interstate Highway, running 43 miles through the state, starting at Attleboro, MA in the North end, and North Stonington, CT at the south end. The major cities of Providence, Warwick, and Cranston, are frequent destinations for commercial vehicles. Routes I-195 and I-295 are spurs of I-95. Major injury and fatality trucking accidents are common on all of these Rhode Island roadways. 

Trucking Accidents are Complex Litigation

Dana & Dana attorneys understand the complex legal issues impacting Rhode Island trucking accidents, and the proper steps for preserving evidence and reviewing driver and vehicle records. Commercial trucks have required maintenance checks, required insurance coverage, and laws that govern driver hours of service, mandatory rest, and drug testing. As advocates for our clients, we will work with trucking industry experts to determine if the vehicle was properly maintained and loaded, and the driver was not distracted. Ultimately, thorough investigations establish fault and liability for recovering financial damages for medical expenses, lost earnings, pain, and suffering. 

Trucking companies and their insurers fully understand the high dollar damages on the line in any truck accident and will work quickly to settle the case as cheaply and as quickly as possible, using industry-tried tactics to deny, delay, and defend. The trucking company will begin preserving evidence immediately following a crash before the driver even gets out of the vehicle. Any evidence that may hurt the trucking company case will be destroyed as soon as allowable, and repairs will be made to get the vehicle back on the road quickly. An attorney can help victims protect their rights and make sure valuable evidence is preserved.  

Rhode Island Trucking Accident Attorneys

If you are involved in a collision involving a semi-truck in Rhode Island, contact the truck accident lawyers at Dana & Dana as soon as possible. We will work with accident reconstruction experts to investigate your accident and determine what happened. This will include a review of potential human factors such as speeding, driver distraction, illegal use of alcohol or drugs while driving. To learn more about your rights in a Rhode Island truck accident personal injury claim, contact us today at (401) 217-3449.