A traffic collision occurs about once every 10 minutes in Rhode Island. While no two accidents are the same, the difference between whether a commercial truck or a compact car is involved will change the way your personal injury case is handled. A number of variables such as rules and regulations, collection of evidence and liability get  a lot more complex with truck accidents.  It is very important that you know the steps to take after being injured in a crash.

The major differences between commercial truck crashes vs. car accidents:

Rules and Regulations:

The size of a vehicle triggers important federal and state safety regulations. Large trucks can weigh between 10,000 and 90,000 pounds. They are more difficult to operate safely and cause devastating damage in crashes. Because of this the government requires commercial trucks to comply with special regulations to keep the public safe. Victims of commercial truck crashes need a law firm that understands these regulations. The truck accident attorneys at Dana and Dana can act quickly to investigate potential violations that can prove the owner of the truck was responsible for the crash. If a truck was not properly maintained and inspected before getting on the highway, it could be deemed to have been “out of service” and thus never should have been on the road to begin with. Our Rhode Island truck accident firm has a rapid response team to get experienced experts to the scene quickly. This allows our Providence Injury lawyers to preserve critical evidence before it disappears.

Our lawyers are prepared to spend as much time and money as it takes to prosecute our client’s case. Without the support of an experienced and committed injury law firm like Dana and Dana victims of truck crashes would be up against trucking companies and their insurance companies who have seemingly unlimited resources. These trucking companies use their resources to hide potentially important evidence of liability and regulation violations. Our law firm works closely with the most experienced truck safety experts and accident reconstruction engineers in the business to make sure these trucking industry issues are fully investigated. This allows us to obtain the true value of our clients’ case.


In our experience, commercial truck drivers and their employers tend to avoid accepting responsibility for their negligence or recklessness. Truck driver’s business income is directly impacted by crash events. Because of this truck drivers and their employers rarely admit fault and even more rarely voluntarily disclose regulation violations. Victims of trucking negligence need to be vigilant to prove the trucking company and its driver caused the crash. Furthermore that all of the reasons the crash occurred could have been avoided had the truck driver and its employer made safety as much of a priority as profits.

While police and Highway Patrol officers come to the scene of all crashes and prepare a report, this determination is not binding on the insurance companies. Trucking companies and insurance companies have the resources to conduct their own investigations and to actively manage the evidence after a crash. Victims of trucking crashes who rely solely on the police report are often frustrated to learn that the trucking company continues to deny the claim, regardless of what the police found. This is why it is most important that victims hire an experienced injury law firm like Dana and Dana as soon as possible after a truck crash so that we can take quick action to preserve evidence.

More Severe Damages:

The size of the commercial trucks often causes very severe and life-altering damages. Victims of truck accidents need a law firm that is experienced in proving the full extent of damages in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. Dana and Dana Injury Lawyers understand how to utilize nurse case managers, medical experts, life care planners, animations, economists and other experts to document the full extent of damages to help our clients obtain a just result.

Victims of catastrophic brain injuries, amputations, disabling injuries or the loss of a family member from a crash do not want their law firm to be dealing with such severe circumstances for the first time.  Our firm has helped many families in Rhode Island through some of the worst experiences one can imagine. We take pride in guiding our clients with compassion, honor, patience, courage and the wisdom of knowing what it takes to win justice for them.

How did the business contribute to the crash?:

In commercial truck accident cases how the business may have contributed to the crash must be investigated. Our injury lawyers look into whether the company took reasonable care in the hiring, supervising, and training of its employee truck driver. Was the employee correctly trained? Was the truck driver given adequate time off or had he been working in an environment that required him to drive without adequate rest? Did the company allow violations of safety regulations such as hours of service? Did the company require the driver to use electronic devices while driving?

The company will also likely be responsible for maintaining the truck involved in the crash. If the truck involved in the accident was not properly cared for the business may be liable for the accident. If the truck driver who caused the crash was working in the scope of his employment at the time of the accident the employer will usually be responsible.


Commercial vehicles, trucks and cars, have more insurance coverage:

Victims of crashes involving trucks and cars owned by businesses need an experienced accident law firm like Dana and Dana to investigate the different types of insurance coverage that may be available. State and federal regulations govern the insurance industry and coverage disputes often arise between accident victims and the insurance companies. Victims need experienced guidance to know with confidence that the insurance companies are providing all of the coverage possible.

Often in truck accident cases damages to victims are greater than the amount of insurance coverage. In this situation it is critical to know how to find excess insurance coverage. This additional coverage can help victims make a full recovery. In order to do this an accident attorney must investigate the layers of liability insurance available from the truck or car that caused the crash. The accident lawyer must also understand how to look for other potential sources of recovery for the victim. These other sources may include health insurance, medical payments coverage, and workers’ compensation. There may also be additional insurance coverage for product liability claims due to defective equipment involved in the crash. Defective roadway issues may also provide added insurance coverage for accident victims.

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