Earlier this month, WPRI News reported that an off-duty probationary officer drove onto a shoulder on I-95 and crashed into a Rhode Island State Police cruiser, seriously injuring the state police trooper and his K9s officers, Ruby and Koda, in the backseat. The driver allegedly showed signs of impairment at the collision scene, and the police found fentanyl and a firearm in his vehicle. WPRI News said that the driver had graduated from the police academy in June of 2019. He was reportedly relieved of his duties following the incident. 

We hope the trooper involved in this crash, and his K9 officers all make a full and fast recovery.

Being parked on the shoulder of a highway can be a dangerous place to be, leaving people vulnerable to these types of collisions involving impaired drivers. Unfortunately for law enforcement officers, sometimes their jobs require them to stop on the shoulders of highways and freeways. In this case, it was especially unfortunate that the other driver allegedly involved in this collision was a law enforcement officer himself. 

If you are hurt in an accident where the other driver involved was suspected of being under the influence, you may have a very good case for recovering compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings and pain, and suffering. In DUI injury situations, insurance companies want to settle. Especially if there is a criminal conviction of a driver, the insurance company will want to do everything possible to avoid a trial. 

A knowledgeable and experienced Rhode Island personal injury lawyer can help you ensure responsible parties are held accountable to the fullest extent, and nothing you are entitled to be left on the table. Damages available in a Rhode Island DUI injury claim include medical care expenses including hospitalizations, rehabilitation and therapy, as well as lost earnings, and pain and suffering. In the event a loved one was killed, a wrongful death claim may provide compensation to victims for final medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, loss of earnings, and loss of companionship. 

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