Although they once sounded futuristic, electric cars are now a common sight.  Some shopping malls in Rhode Island have electric car charging ports. In fact, there are so many electric cars on the road that, if you played the road trip game where you punch your sibling every time you see an electric car, it would lead to excessive violence. 

Electric cars are better for the environment than gasoline-fueled cars, and because you do not have to buy gas for them, they are less expensive in the long term, but are they as safe as the gas-fueled cars you are used to driving? In most regards, the way you stay safe in an electric car or when sharing the road with them is similar to how you stay safe with conventional automobiles.  If you have been injured in an accident involving an electric car, contact a Rhode Island car accident attorney.


Electric Cars Are Very Safe

Electric cars are as safe as conventional cars; they must pass the same safety tests.  The designers and manufacturers of electric cars have studied the things that can go wrong with electric cars and how to prevent them.  Additionally, they have some of their own safety standards which are relevant only to electric cars, such as the following:

  • There must be very little chemical spillage from the electric car battery
  • The batteries must be mounted securely enough that they will not become mobile in an accident
  • The chassis (the car frame that includes the passenger areas) must be isolated from the high-voltage part of the car so that passengers are not at risk of electric shock

If your car does not meet one of these requirements, and if its malfunction contributed to your injuries, you may have grounds for a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the car or its parts.


Beware of Quiet Electric Cars

Electric cars are virtually silent compared to conventional vehicles.  In the long term, this makes them more desirable, as their contribution to noise pollution is negligible.  Their lack of sound presents a danger to pedestrians, bicyclists, and, to a lesser extent, other drivers, since the rumble of a gasoline engine is often a warning sign to get out of the way of a car that has not yet come into view.  Some electric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, have an option to have the car emit a sound when moving. Currently, the responsibility is on the drivers of electric cars to steer clear of pedestrians who cannot hear the cars approaching.


Contact Dana and Dana About Car Accident Cases

The drivers of electric cars must be at least as cautious when driving as motorists with gasoline-powered vehicles.  If you have suffered serious injuries in a car accident, you could be entitled to compensatory damages.  Contact Dana and Dana, a personal injury law firm in Providence, Rhode Island to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit.