Understanding The Rhode Island Car Accident Statute of Limitations

What is a “statute of limitations”?

In Rhode Island nearly all injury lawsuits deriving from a car accident are regulated by Rhode Island General Law section 9-1-14. This law gives you three years within the Rhode Island courts for compensation for any kind of personal injury. If anyone was killed in a car accident, Rhode Island General Laws section 10-7-2 sets a three-year statute of limitations for any wrongful death claim that may be brought by the family of the deceased. If the victim did die because of the car accident, the wrongful death action must be filed three years from the person’s death, as opposed to three years from the date of the car accident.  Property damage, including damage to a car, allows for 10 years to file suit.

Car Accident Comparative Negligence in Rhode Island

Finding who is at fault is an important part of any type of lawsuit that results in damage, personal injury, or wrongful death. If you are seeking compensation for losses due to a car accident, it may be determined that you were partially at fault for the accident. You may be wondering what would happen in this scenario.
According to Rhode Island General Laws Section 9-20-4, Rhode Island is a ‘pure comparative negligence’ state. This means you can still be awarded for your injuries and losses, but the amount of compensation may be reduced due to the fact that you are partially responsible for damages.

So, in other words, if the total compensation owed to you is $100,000 but the jury decides you are 10% responsible for the accident, your award may be reduced by 10% so total compensation would be $90,000.

Finding the Right Rhode Island Lawyer

It can be difficult keeping track of all these Providence, RI car accident laws and that’s why it’s so important to have a reliable Rhode Island Car Accident lawyer on your side.

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But remember, there is a statute of limitations that applies to all car accident cases, and if you don’t file in time, there will be nothing a Rhode Island Car Accident lawyer can do. So, call Dana and Dana Attorneys at Law today before the clock runs out to be sure that justice is served in the case of your Providence, RI car accident.