Sports-related injuries have received plenty of attention lately, particularly contact sports like football, rugby, and soccer; those high impact sports linked to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disease linked to a history of traumatic brain injuries. However, a study recently released by Neurosurgical Focus indicates that horseback riding is, in fact, the sport that is currently causing the most traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) for adults.

Specifically, over 45 percent of all adult TBIs were linked to horseback riding between 2003 and 2012. Following closely behind in second place were falls and hits related to contact sports such as football, rugby, and soccer. So why have these contact sports received so much attention, while equestrian sports—the leader in TBIs—has gone largely unnoticed; Particularly given that horseback riding has also been linked to higher hospital admission rates than even motorcycle riding?

Contact Sports Still Endangering Youth

The link between TBIs and equestrian sports may be explained by who they are specifically affecting. In fact, they appear to be the leading cause of TBIs only for adults; a second study indicated that contact sports are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries in children and adolescents, followed by skateboarding or roller-skating activities, and, lastly equestrian sports.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBIs are caused when the brain experiences sudden trauma, possibly after hitting an object or after an object breaks through the skull and affects brain tissue. Equestrian-related TBIs tend to be more severe, but contact sports tend to involve more repetitive injuries. However, it only takes one fall off the horse to cause bleeding in the brain.

Whether it is repetitive concussions from playing football, or one fall off a horse that causes permanent brain damage, TBIs can lead to a lifetime of symptoms. This includes negatively affected reflexes, attention span, and concentration, as well as the development of migraines, headaches, and irritability. Some individuals may even experience vomiting, convulsions/seizures, an inability to wake up, slurred speech, and loss of coordination.

Unfortunately, very little can be done to reverse brain damage caused by trauma. Victims of TBIs typically try to gain back skills by engaging in physical therapy, language therapy, physiatry, psychiatry or psychological therapy, and other forms of rehabilitation to try and stabilize what has been negatively affected by the brain trauma.

TBI Recovery Attorneys

TBIs can have many causes, but in every case, the effects are devastating. Victims are often concerned about medical and rehabilitation costs, as well as permanent damage that affects their ability to work and overall quality of life.

Our Providence brain injury attorneys have decades of combined experience helping victims of traumatic brain injuries recover compensation for their injuries. A lawsuit handled by our firm helps our clients regain the financial stability they need to live a comfortable life. Contact us today so that we can help you.