One of the most serious and catastrophic injuries that can occur in a Rhode Island car accident is a spinal cord injury. Damage to the spinal cord can cause permanent disability and neurological problems, altering the function of limbs and systems. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, victims may experience complications beyond the initial injury including bleeding, inflammation, and infection. 

The cost of medical care for a spinal cord injury can easily be several hundred thousand dollars to more than a million dollars. Subsequent care costs will depend on the age of the victim and the severity of the injury.  The care costs for even a mild spinal cord injury is enough to financially devastate any family.  

Paralysis Resulting from Rhode Island Car Accidents 

At Dana and Dana, we’ve seen firsthand how spinal cord injuries cause physical, emotional and financial devastation. After a blow to the spinal cord in a motor vehicle accident, paralysis may occur below the point of injury to the spinal cord and depending on the severity of the injury, some function or no function may remain. In severe cases, spinal cord injuries may impair the ability to breathe, move, and go to the bathroom, requiring a person to use a wheelchair for the rest of their life. These injuries with “direct and proximate consequences” that “permanently prevent an individual from performing any gainful work” are considered catastrophic injuries. 

Who is Responsible for a Spinal Cord Injury? 

Damages available in a personal injury claim involving a spinal cord injury may be substantial. Having handled so many personal injury cases over the years, we understand how to prepare a case to maximize the value and recover the maximum compensation our clients deserve. All of our cases are thoroughly prepared. We work with top industry experts including medical experts, life care planners and vocational experts to demonstrate how our clients suffered injuries, and what they need to address medical issues. 

Experienced Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorneys 

View our case successes for information on prior cases and the results we’ve recovered for our clients. We prepare every case we handle for trial and work with some of the best accident reconstructionists, medical expert witnesses and life care planners in the area on personal injury cases. Our approach is tailored to our clients’ individual needs. As part of our contingency fee agreement, we are paid a percentage of your ultimate financial recovery. There are never any fees unless, and until we recover money for you.