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Dana and Dana is dedicated to the aggressive representation of clients involving all aspects of Rhode Island and Massachusetts Criminal Defense.The attorneys at Dana and Dana have the experience and expertise to ensure the highest quality criminal defense representation possible.

One of the most important decisions you might ever have to make is the selection of the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you or your family.  You deserve an attorney with the determination and knowledge to get you the best result possible when facing criminal charges.  Dana and Dana has handled criminal defense cases at every level and in every court throughout Rhode Island.

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Our experience and success defending clients in various criminal trials provides the expertise needed for the best possible representation in the court of law.

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Stages of the Criminal Process

The stages of the criminal case procedure in MA and RI vary greatly depending on the court and the charge. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to evaluate your case in order to fully understand how your case will proceed. However, there are some basic stages that are the same in every case:

Charge / Arrest

Criminal prosecution typically begins with an arrest by a police officer. After the arrest, the police book the suspect. When the police complete the booking process, they place the suspect in custody. If the suspect committed a minor offense, the police may issue a citation to the suspect with instructions to appear in court at a later date.


An individual’s first court appearance is most often an arraignment. During the arraignment defendants are advised of the charges against them and chooses to plead “guilty”, “not guilty” or “no contest” to those charges.  The court will also review the defendants bail, or set bail if bail has not yet been set. A future date is chosen for a pre-trial conference.  It is important to have an experienced MA and RI criminal defense lawyer present at arraignment as the decisions at this stage of a criminal case will have drastic impacts on how the case proceeds.

Pre-Trial Conference

Pre-trial conference dates are opportunities for your attorney and the prosecutor to speak about your case and exchange discovery.  Clients of Dana and Dana can expect exceptional advocacy at the pre-trial stage of their cases.  Our defense lawyers will investigate your case completely and be prepared to raise any defenses you may have.


If a case cannot be resolved through a dismissal or plea agreement following pre-trial conferences, the case proceeds to trial. At a trial either a judge or a jury will find the defendant guilty or not guilty.  The prosecution bears the burden at trial of proving the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  The attorneys at Dana and Dana take great pride in their ability at trial and will fight for the justice for you and your family.