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The need for anesthesia typically always accompanies surgical procedures. However, anesthesia drugs are strong, thus administering them in an incorrect fashion can cause serious harm, potentially even negatively affecting the brain, heart, or other vital organs. Often this happens as a result of the anesthesiologist behaving negligently in administering the drugs or in not properly monitoring the patient once that they have been put under anesthesia before a procedure.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as the result of medical malpractice/negligence in the use of anesthesia, you may be entitled to compensation. At Dana & Dana, our interest is fighting for victims of serious injuries or wrongful death. Our office has a history of helping victims of medical malpractice and other acts of medical negligence. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Common anesthesia injuries and legal considerations

Improper administration of anesthesia drugs can bring about severe, debilitating consequences, depending upon the drug and how much of it was given. There are different types of anesthesia depending upon the procedure and location (for example, general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, etc.). Some of the injuries that can result from mistakes involving anesthesia include:

  • Brain damage or inducing a coma;
  • Impacts to the heart, sometimes resulting in an abnormal pulse, arrhythmia, or stroke;
  • Impacts to hearing and sight;
  • Nerve damage or injury to the spinal cord/paralysis;
  • Birth defects;
  • Loss of oxygen, potentially leading to respiratory issues or a collapsed lung;
  • Severe muscle seizure;
  • Death

This typically results from administering too much, too little, or the wrong type of anesthesia, or even failing to do a proper check beforehand to see if it could interact with any prescription drugs that a patient is currently taking. If too little anesthesia is administered, in some cases, patients are unable to communicate that more is needed, and could be left aware or with too much sensation during surgery, causing potential emotional harm. Defective medical devices can also cause damage to patients, particularly if the proper amount of oxygen is not administered during surgery in some cases.

Overall, the highest number of deaths due to anesthesia mistakes each year are typically caused by administering too much anesthesia (i.e. causing an overdose) or due to adverse effects of anesthetics in general. Regardless of the cause, if you have been injured due to a mistake made while a medical professional was administering anesthesia, it is possible to bring legal action in order to be compensated for any medical expenses, long-term care needs, loss wages, and pain and suffering due to permanent disabilities or impairments that you have suffered.

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