Rhode Island Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys

Imagine as you are walking and all of a sudden your legs go out from under you and you fall hard onto the floor. You look and see what you fell on. Most people’s first reaction is to get up. Your first emotion is embarrassment. You should not feel embarrassed. In many cases the fact of the matter is that you most likely slipped and fell on something that should not have been on the floor. You most likely are injured. It is an awful experience. At Dana & Dana we understand the human reaction to such an event. We also understand how to get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to under the law. Our law does not give passes to store owners who keep their stores in dangerous conditions.

Have you been injured from a slip and fall?

No one enjoys dealing with insurance companies. Our experienced attorneys are standing by to advocate for your rights.

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How Dana and Dana can help you file a slip and fall claim

When you enter a store you should expect it to be safe and clean. If you fall because it is not, you may have a case. Stores want to make money. If they cut corners on safety to make their money they should pay.

Very often the insurance companies refuse to compensate you for your injuries due to a fall or they suggest that the fall was your fault. When that is the case, we proceed to trial. Over the years, Dana & Dana have had remarkable results in front of juries on slip and fall cases. We have also settled hundreds of them for the maximum compensation that our clients are entitled to.